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Friday, June 02, 2006

HEY everyone... I haven't posted in like forever. I haven't really had that much time what with school. And now I am like overly obsessed with facebook. It's sort of addicting. Anywho... I'm still working at IGLOO. There is only 25 days left until I leave for Brazil. I'm super phsyched(I dunno if I spelled that right) about going. It's going to be a blast. We're staying with the Yoders, who are awesome. Regina is going to be there too. Mr. Yoder is such an awesome guy. They just had a youth fair for a church with 1 and a half families in it and over 200 youth ended up coming.. Yep that's COMPLETELY God. Just like last night... sort of got in a wreck... I wasn't driving, but we were fine.. the car wasn't. But someone we knew pulled up by us like a minute after it happened. God's pretty cool. He works in mysterious ways, but it's good to be surprised once in a while.

I'm so glad that summer is FINALLY here. I love swimming, swimming in the rain ...at night, synchronized swimming, and laying out... nothing beats that...nope nothin.



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